Visiting Sonographer Association

Providing diagnostic imaging services wherever is home

​The BEI’s Visiting Sonographers Associations (VSA) is created to make a positive difference in the lives of our homebound patients. BEI VSA will help to alleviate the stress of getting to and from the hospital or diagnostic imaging center. It helps to reduce the anxiety faced by family care for frail/homebound relatives. Most of all BEI VSA provides accurate noninvasive and safe ultrasound exams in the comfort of your home.

⦁ BEI In-Home Services

Feeling pain in your abdomen or legs, or anywhere else in your body? Having a doctor’s order, but aggravated on waiting long hours before being seen at an ultrasound imaging facility or hospital, or outpatient settings? For some patients and their caregivers, going to the doctor’s office for diagnostic ultrasound exam or to hospital outpatient ultrasound labs can be aggravated and stressful, therefore, BEI’s Visiting Sonographer Associations (VSA) provides real-time images of the major organs and vessels of the body at patient’s home. Just one phone call away, BEI’s Visiting Sonographer Association will send out our most experienced, registered sonographers (RDCS,RCCS, RVT, ARDMS, RVS) and BEI VSA will offer quality scanned images, cost effective, and affordable diagnostic medical sonography exams at home.

⦁ How does it work?

Sonographers perform diagnostic exams in the patients’ homes and then upload the clips, stills, and measurements to the web at their convenience. BEI’s Visiting Sonographer Association uses cloud-based ultrasound exam management system that allows our physicians to receive studies immediately, while our Technicians/ Sonographers are in the field. The final report is then quickly auto-distributed to the patient’s doctor. All exams, reports, and affiliated information are securely archived in our systems to meet state and HIPPA regulations. Call to schedule your vascular testing today