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Bradley & Elliott Imaging, LLC –provides serves in our local office, physician’s offices, homebound patients, nursing homes, long-term care and assisted living facilities, hospital, home care and hospice agencies.
Our mission is to provide affordable, reliable, quality screening and diagnostic ultrasound imaging services to physicians and to wherever patients call home. Our equipment combines high-quality imaging with the latest in digital technology. Experience the ease of immediate imagery and direct reports to your radiologist to facilitate rapid turn-around for final reports.
We specialize in general, small parts, abdominal, OB, cardiac and vascular imaging including Venous insufficiency evaluation for endovenous ablation with VNUS Closure such as EVLT/EVLA, RF Ablation, UGFS, ClariVein, etc.,temporal artery evaluation for diagnosing giant cell arteritis, dialysis access grafts evaluation, arterial grafts evaluation, portal/hepatic system evaluation and TIPS evaluation.



Visiting Sonographer Association :

The BEI’s Visiting Sonographers Associations (VSA) is created to make a positive difference in the lives of our homebound patients. BEI VSA will help to alleviate the stress of getting to and from the hospital or diagnostic imaging center. It helps to reduce the anxiety faced by family care for frail/homebound relatives. Most of all BEI VSA provides accurate noninvasive and safe ultrasound exams in the comfort of your home.


Screening :

Stroke, renal artery stenosis/aneurysm, portal vein hypertension, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) are considered to be most serious, non-cardiac related vascular diseases. Early detection from our vascular screening specialists can help prevent life- threatening conditions or long-term disabilities. BEI Vascular Ultrasound screening is a noninvasive, simple 30-minute exam as low as $45 self-pay. Patients do not have to have an order or script for a simple vascular screening. The vascular screening will help you see a clear picture of your blood vessels, looking for plaque buildup to prevent a person to be at risk for aneurysm, stroke or other related vascular diseases. Call today to schedule a vascular screening in our local office you will not regret it. Please click here to view vascular screening package.



We just need an order/script from your primary physicians to perform a vascular test for you at home or in our local office. Our sonographers have years in diagnostic medical imaging experience and are registered to perform general, vascular, and cardiac ultrasound exams.Our diagnostic ultrasound services bring the most up-to- date and state-of- the-art digital ultrasound technology directly to the patients’ home or facility, transfers studies to our interpreting physicians and send reports/findings of exams to patients’ doctor. comfort and physician’s satisfaction by receiving quality ultrasound exams that they need.


Registered Sonographers :

We understand that ultrasound is a very technologist-dependent exam. Accuracy and quality is reliant upon the sonographers’ experience and the equipment used. All sonographers employed by BEI are RDMS, RVT registered, have years of experience in their specialty and have undergone extensive training on the system that they use to provide imaging for your patients. Specific training in patient care and customer service is also required.


Board-Certified Radiologists :

BEImaging has partnered with qualified radiologists to perform your reads. If you do not currently have a radiologist, we have numerous contracts at our disposal that you may choose from. From regular 24-hour turn-around to immediate turn-around for STAT reads, your physician will assist you in providing the very best in-patient care.



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For many years I have been going to different places to have my blood pressure taken in both arms, and there seems to be a great difference between the two. No one seems to help me understand why, but when I went for a quick screening at Bradley and Elliott Imaging, they did a quick imaging examination and gave me the result to take to my doctor, which they have found a blocked artery in my arm.  I want to say, thank you to B.E.I for my result

Mrs. Halley

I had the carotid duplex screening done.  I was very scared because I never wanted to go and see a doctor. At Bradley and Elliott Imaging, I felt like I was at home. Very soothing place. The technologists were very professional and very respectful. They introduced themselves and explained the test. I was so calm, I fell asleep. Thank you for that moment

Ms. Ellen

A clear and concise diagnostic imaging is very crucial to the patient diagnosis, and it helps to eliminate errors. The technologists at Bradley and Elliott imaging are well trained in their field, and they provided me with outstanding images to help me come up with the appropriate diagnosis for my patients”. Thank you!

Dr. Allen

For many years I have been trying to have some ultrasound exams done in my offices, but I have not been able to get the right technologist to do a good job. I came across Bradley and Elliott imaging and I asked them to come over to my practice. They provided me with the best! The technologists were very efficient, knowledgeable, and respectful”. Excellent Job!

Dr. Gregg


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